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Why Reface Your Cabinets?


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Why Reface Your Cabinets?

Why Reface Your Cabinets?


1. Update the look of your kitchen or bath.

You can make your kitchen or bath look new in as little as a week!!!


2. Save some cash!!!

When refacing cabinets, you can either replace the doors or refinish them.  This means you save the cabinet boxes and possibly the doors!!!


3. Keep your existing countertop.

If you have a nice countertop and want to keep it, refacing your cabinets is the way to go.  A new countertop can easily be installed if your countertop is outdated.


4. Get your home ready to sell!!!

The #1 thing potential homebuyers look for in a home is updated kitchens and baths.  Refacing can accomplish this in a short amount of time and at the fraction of the cost of replacing all the cabinets.


5. Increase the value of your home!!!

According to Remodeler Magazine, a traditional kitchen or bath remodel returns 80-90% of the cost of the remodel.  With cabinet refacing, a 150-200% return is not uncommon!!!


Call Us TODAY, to set up an appointment for your kitchen or bath.  With a fresh coat of paint, new cabinet hardware, and refaced cabinets your kitchen or bath will look brand new at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time of a traditional remodel!!!

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